Thursday, June 30, 2011

Week 8 for Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams Billboard Top 200 + Fleetwood Mac

In it's 8th week of release "In Your Dreams" drops to # 155 from # 108 on next week's Billboard Charts (issue date July 9th) with 3,813 in sales.  This could be it's last week on the chart unless it receives a bump from Stevie's appearance on The Voice.  Over on the Top 200 Current Albums Chart the disc is at # 131, down from # 96 last week.

In Your Dreams Sales Thus Far:
Wk 1: #     6 - 5/21/11 - 52,418 Debut
Wk 2: #   16 - 5/28/11 - 20,400 Accumulated total = 72,818
Wk 3: #   24 - 6/04/11 - 15,500 Accumulated total = 88,318
Wk 4: #   47 - 6/11/11 -   9,933 Accumulated total = 98,251
Wk 5: #   59 - 6/18/11 -   7,470 Accumulated total = 105,721
Wk 6: #   87 - 6/25/11 -   5,547 Accumulated total = 111,268
Wk 7: # 108 - 7/02/11 -   5,585 Accumulated total = 116,853
Wk 8: # 155 - 7/09/11 -   3,813 Accumulated total = 120,666 (Thanks to Maury for the numbers!)

Fleetwood Mac move up on the Top 200 Albums Chart with "The Very Best Of" up 8 spots to # 167. The 2/CD set re-entered the Top 200 last week at # 175.  Rumours drops out of the Top 200 after re-entering last week at # 115.

Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart
(Last week in parenthesis)
# 155 (108) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams
# 167 (175) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of

Billboard Top 200 Current Albums
# 131 (96) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

Billboard Top Rock Albums Chart
# 47 (28) Stevie Nicks - In Your Dreams

Billboard Top Catalogue Albums Chart
# 29 (35) Fleetwood Mac - The Very Best Of
# 49 (15) Fleetwood Mac - Rumours


Maury said...

suggestion: re-release SECRET LOVE to AOR/top 40 radio. What is the content on The Very Best Of?

Anonymous said...

SoundScan numbers for the past two weeks-
This week: 3813
Last week: 5585

AOR/Top 40 stations aren't going to play it. They should have pushed harder on AAA and AC stations. Probably should have held off on sending out 'Soldier's Angel' to radio for Memorial Day too unless they were completely done with Secret Love. Those "holiday" releases cause problems if there is another single being actively worked.

Tony said...

Is For What It's Worth really the second single? No news on that yet? Secret love was released Feb 3rd and peaked in May. It's now July and no 2nd single?

No one to blame but themselves if this brilliant cd dies prematurely. Sad really. Hopefully they learned a lesson from Secret love and won't wait for 3 months before releasing the video for the second single.

Anonymous said...

Just release "For What It's Worth" already! This song has been stuck in my head since the CD came out. It's perfect for radio. And your right Tony, whichever single it is...the video should follow shortly thereafter Tim

Malcolm said...

Oh for heavens sake just get the next single out! And get it to VH1 and MTV and promote it!!!!! For what its worth the pr person should be fired.

Mark Lander said...

This album is being promoted horribly. Stevie performed "Landslide" on The Voice last night. This shows her as an oldies artist and doesn't promote the new album at all. You have to visit the show's website to watch her perform "For what it's worth." This is stupid. The new song should have been shown on the broadcast. We've heard "Landslide" performed a million times. This great album is falling fast off the charts, and is bombing commercially. The promotional efforts by Stevie and her label are a joke for this release.

Anonymous said...

@ Malcom: Have you seen MTV or VH1 lately? They don't play videos. Videos are seen on youtube this day and age. Stevie is doing whatever promo she can. The sad fact is these competition shows don't want to hear her do a new song, they want classics. The album is at 120,000 sold, which is decent considering the climate of CD sales today and for an artist of her age.

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