Monday, May 27, 2013

Videos: Interesting | Intense | Up Close - Fleetwood Mac Las Vegas, Hollywood Bowl, San Jose, Tacoma, Vancouver

Some interesting videos from the last few shows... Vancouver, Tacoma, San Jose, Hollywood and Las Vegas.

HAPPY UN-BIRTHDAY - LAS VEGAS, NV 5/26/13 (Stevie says she's not celebrating her 65th birthday, so your only allowed to wish her a very Happy Un-Birthday)
GYPSY - Las Vegas, NV 5/26/13 (Back to the full twirl at the end of the song... She was avoiding this during this song and Stand Back for awhile during the period her knee was healing).
RHIANNON (CLIP) - LAS VEGAS, NV 5/26/13 (Black shawl is back after being absent for awhile... except it's not the same one she started out the tour with)

SILVER SPRINGS - HOLLYWOOD BOWL 5/25/13 (Great ending... Stevie's pretty intense on this one!)
BIG LOVE - HOLLYWOOD BOWL 5/25/13 (Dedicated to Lindsey's family)
LANDSLIDE - HOLLYWOOD BOWL 5/25/13 (Dedicated to Dave Stewart and Dave Grohl - both in attendance)
GOLD DUST WOMAN - SAN JOSE, CA 5/22/13 (Awesome performance of this song... this night.)
CLOSING REMARKS - SAN JOSE, CA 5/22/13 (Ending of Say Goodbye plus closing remarks. Mick's voice is basically gone)
STAND BACK - TACOMA, WA 5/20/13 (Lindsey needs a little sympathy and someone to take him home)
SO AFRAID - TACOMA, WA 5/20/13 (This is about as close as you can get! Great capture from the front)
SAD ANGEL - TACOMA, WA 5/20/13 (False start... Lindsey looks a little pissed off because of the early start)
STEVIE NICKS SAYING GOODBYE VANCOUVER... or was that TORONTO!? (She messed up... But it wasn't a big deal, she meant well and actually it was kind of funny at the time.)


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear Stevie sing "Hello Hello Hello" at the end of Sad Angel exactly like on the released studio version - that would be beautiful at the end....

Anonymous said...

mo videos from Hollywood Bowl???

Nickslive said...

Added "Silver Springs" from Hollywood.. Check out the ending - she belts it out!

And I too would like to hear the added Hello Hello at the end of the live "Sad Angel" would break-up the long solo ending a little.

Anonymous said...

Vegas Gold Dust Woman was INTENSE. Very dramatic-- and she says she's no actress.
She nailed Silver Springs-- last note was held forever !!
Vocally strong all night and looking gorgeous :) She was having fun and her performance looked effortless. Crystal clear and powerful.
Lindsey was his usual rock god / rock philosopher. Vocally a rough night for him. Others around me said the same. He was good on Sad Angel, and Say Goodbye, but off and in some cases way off the rest of the night. Mick and John rocked like the legends they are.
Overall a great show. 2 1/2 hours and didn't miss a beat. Bands half their age wish they could do as well for that long.

Anonymous said...

I was at the VIP Mick Fleetwood Experience here in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Garden Arena and Mick CONFIRMED that CHRISTINE MCVIE WILL BE JOINING THEM ONSTAGE IN LONDON... most likely to perform the song 'Don't Stop.' When asked if there are any plans to record this event, he smiled very coyly saying, 'that would be a good idea'.... somewhat giving the impression that it's been in the works for some time now...

I had a really GREAT time... Mick is an incredibly kind man, Stevie was in top form, and the concert was absolutely fantastic! : )

Anonymous said...

Love the performances. But they seriously need a new sound person.

Anonymous said...

Thank God...somebody FINALLY said it. They DO need a new FOH sound person...saw them in Tacoma and have never heard them sound so bad. I knew it wasn't the band; definitely the sound person.

Even tho we bought tiks the day they went onsale, we didn't have the greatest seats. It was almost the farthest away I've ever been. But I was hoping that due to our collective ages people would realize that you don't see any better if everybody stands up...sit yur ass down and everyone sees. Didn't happen. I could barely see the side video screen.

But the sound was absolutely horrific. Too loud (no music is too loud for me unless it's bad sound), way too much high and low end, and crap mid range (where most of the vocals are).

All in all, it felt like I was watching a video in a cow hall.

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