Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Fleetwood Mac Opus Collection Available Now at Starbucks on-line 15 Tracks $12.99

FLEETWOOD MAC - Opus Collection

Now available at Starbucks and on-line for $12.99

Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Christine McVie, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood came together in the 1970s to make albums that set a new standard in popularity while maintaining a commitment to deeply personal songwriting and sophisticated musicianship.

David Wild wrote the liner notes on this new release.


01. You Make Loving Fun (Rumours 1977)
02. Go Your Own Way (Rumours 1977)
03. Gypsy (Mirage 1982)
04. Sara (Tusk 1979)
05. World Turning (Fleetwood Mac 1975)
06. Tusk (Tusk 1979)
07. Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac 1975)
08. Dreams (Rumours 1977)
09. Everywhere (Tango In The Night 1987)
10. Little Lies (Tango In The Night 1987)
11. Oh Diane (Mirage 1982)
12. Never Going Back Again (Rumours 1977)
13. Honey Hi (Tusk 1979)
14. Landslide (Fleetwood Mac 1975)
15. Planets Of The Universe (Demo) (Rumours Re-issue 2013)


Anonymous said...

Sorry...no good without Silver Springs

Anonymous said...

Another best of? We all can create our own now with today's technology.

Anonymous said...

The 4 'Extended Play' tracks just begged to be on here. I love the cover photo, thunder thigh and all (wow!) - she made sure 'that' never happened again in a photo- but nobody here must need ''those'' songs again.
See you at Starbucks! Any tips on the best way to burn the Extended Play tracks? From where? Cover art downloadable?
Maybe we could get 'Extended Play' with a Happy Meal? I want a physical copy of it. Damned computers.

Anonymous said...

This release isn't for the fans...stop complaining. It's for those people who like Fleetwood Mac but probably don't own a lot of their music and as they stand in line to buy their coffee, see the disc at the counter and impulsively buy it.

Anonymous said...

great old picture....but yet again same old songs... will anyone think of something new this is getting old and boring...anyone can download these days you know !!!

MplsMike said...

This is clearly a money grab for Starbucks, nothing more. The fourth 'Anonymous' poster is correct ... this release is not for the fans, it's simply to stock with the other music Starbucks sells so casual fans who maybe don't own a 'Greatest Hits' CD will pick it up as an impulse purchase. To comment on one of the other 'Anonymous' comments ... music from 'Extended Play' couldn't be put on a release with their past music because no record label owns the rights to that music - the band exclusively owns it and released it without a label.

Unknown said...

They need to re-release Tango In The Night!!! Maybe a special edition of the album, and re-release the singles of that album.....
Look at "Everywhere"!!! Best selling single in the UK since the Tango era in 1987/88!!

Unknown said...

Album cuts or single versions?

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