Saturday, May 14, 2011

"Secret Love" Cracks The Top 20....

One omission yesterday when I was posting about chart positions for Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac was that Stevie's single "Secret Love" finally cracked the Top 20 on Billboards AC Charts.  11 weeks on the chart with increased radio play moves the song up from # 21 last week where it dipped with a decrease in radio play.

Hopefully it keeps on moving up!


Tony said...

Everyday peaked at 17. Secret is far superior to that song and hopefully will pass it. Looks like a slow burn up the charts--very cool.

Anonymous said...

I still think Warner Bros. has again totally screwed up a Mac/Stevie release. These TV appearances (Oprah, Ellen, Dancing With The Stars) should have been at the same time "Secret Love" was serviced to radio. You only have a very short window of time for DJ's to play a new song, and that has long since past for this song. And Adult Contemporary radio would definitely have played a song by Stevie if this had been better coordinated. Not to mention the video not coming out until long after radio had already passed on the song. You would think with Stevie being on of the most beautiful women singers ever that they would realize DJ's need the visual image to reinforce them to start playing it on radio.

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