Sunday, October 06, 2013

Over 47,000 Fans Saw Fleetwood Mac Live in London - 3 Shows Grossed Over 6.4 Million!

Tour Stats update for Fleetwood Mac adding the 3 London shows to the list of dates published so far.  Over 47 thousand fans saw Fleetwood Mac Live in London... The 3 shows grossed over 6 million bucks!


Anonymous said...

I thought the capacity of the O2 was 20,000.... times that by 3 and you get 60,000, so why does it say 49,000??

Nickslive said...

I'm assuming that's capacity if all the seats are sold... They didn't sell seating behind the stage, it was basically 180° plus a little more... which would make each show 16,374 which is probably accurate given the available seats for sale.

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