Sunday, October 20, 2013

REVIEW: Fleetwood Mac Live in Oslo - Lindsey Wore Blue... Nicks Ditched The Riding Jacket

Fleetwood Mac Live - Oslo, Norway
October 20, 2013 - Oslo Spektrum Arena

Stevie Nicks struggled to get going in the spectrum, according to the reviewer.PHOTO: Rolf Ohman
In everlasting musical therapy
Even with some obvious mistakes, turned Fleetwood Mac. However, a good deal darker than many probably thought.
BY RBERT Hoftun Gjestad
5 out of 6

"Been down one time, been down two times, been down three times, I'm never going back." Ahh. A score of intense songs about love, relationships, arguments, drugs, betrayal, breakup, hope, faith and fervent despair. Could it be wrong? Of course, the legendary edition of Fleetwood Mac delivered. After each.

It was clearly a musical event of the rare that Fleetwood Mac finally came to Norway for real visits and tickets with prices up to 1300 million swine animal disappeared instantly by sales start. Someone with historical accuracy uttered that this is not the "real" Fleetwood Mac, what once was a psychedelic blues band with Peter Green on guitar back in the 1960s, while a few swear by the band between the period of the early 70s.

But Fleetwood Mac most people know and love is after all the third edition, the more pop-oriented band that was collected when the duo Buckingham Nicks joined in 1974 as one of several classic albums behind one of music history's best-selling, Rumours . Over 40 million sold, impressive enough. Ok, Christine McVie is no longer with, without weakening impression.

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Outfit change... While Lindsey wore the blue jacket again tonight... it looks like Stevie ditched the riding jacket to open the show in Oslo opting for this glitter number.  The Score: Lindsey 3; Stevie 3
PHOTO: Rolf Ohman

Ex-girlfriend ran the show when Fleetwood Mac hit Oslo
Fleetwood Mac has gone through many phases as a band. They are clearly in a good one.
Photo by Benjamin A. Ward

Ekskjærestene kjørte showet da Fleetwood Mac traff Oslo
Fleetwood Mac har gjennomgått mange faser som band. De er opplagt inne i en god en.

Fleetwood Mac's hitmaskin is formidable. But the pace is a little uneven.
Photo by Trond Solberg
Oslo Spektrum
crowd: Approx. 7000

Fleetwood Macs hitmaskin er formidabel. Men tempoet er litt ujevnt.
Oslo Spektrum - Publikum: Ca. 7000

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