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Review | Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Stuttgart Ein Herz für Nostalgiker

Fleetwood Mac Live in Stuttgart
October 14, 2013 - Schleyerhalle
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Fleetwood Mac in Stuttgart

A Heart For Nostalgia

Sometimes you forget how many hits for the U.S. band Fleetwood Mac was already responsible. On Monday night, Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, John McVie and Mick Fleetwood have reminded again at the gig at the sold Schleyer Halle. 9500 spectators Fleetwood Mac played one hit after the other, sometimes rock, sometimes gently, but always wonderfully catchy. The repertoire ranged from "Second Hand News," "Dreams" and "Rhiannon" to "Tusk", "Gypsy" or "Go Your Own Way". In "Do not Stop", which is in addition part of it, it is indeed a matter that one should not waste his time, just look back, but rather should think about tomorrow. But that is not so easy for a band like Fleetwood Mac, which has sold in the past only from the album "Rumours" (1977) 40 million copies. A detailed concert review you read in our Wednesday edition. (Gun)


Rumours, blues and a dream villa in California
by Ulrich Bauer
Stuttgarter-Zeitung.de (Original Review)

Photos by Dirk Haun
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(google traslated)
Stuttgart - Once, in the middle of this nearly three-hour concert evening with Fleetwod Mac from 9500 visitors in Stuttgart Schleyer Halle Stevie Nicks holds a long story that goes beyond the character of an interim announcement out. She tells of the early days, as she has met with the guitarist Lindsay Buckingham, as they have the time, was added at the beginning of the seventies, the first albums together. And how then is the moment, has the Mick Fleetwood offered at a session "power but with Fleetwood Mac". Lindsay Buckingham, the songwriter and guitarist, briefly considered and then said, "Only with my girlfriend." Yes, of course. Anyway.

Ah, true love! Hansel and Gretel. Touching. "Lindsay, tell me what". The two have together with and as Fleetwood Mac recorded the album "Rumours". Published in 1977. A legendary part. Although musically it brought nothing exciting. A milestone in the commercial pop history. There are probably 40 million albums, which they have sold it.

And now they play, "Second Hand News" as the opening track, much like the time on this album. In the middle of the core of the band, but without the keyboard player Christine McVie. Right, on its own pedestal, two singers are visible and left two auxiliary musicians. Nevertheless, the sound is not bloated. Mick Fleetwood, founder and drummer of the band, with his beard now looks like a funny Burggraf from. The 66 year old has to struggle righteous and beats his stuff sometimes quite shaky. In addition, the old champ John McVie on bass as Knappe, completely unobtrusive and stoic: the two rhythm servants of the company Fleetwood Mac.

Formerly a blues band - and today?

As a blues band Fleetwood Mac in 1967, Peter Green began and many others were the guitarists. The well-known title "Albatross," "Black Magic Woman" and "Oh Well" from this time, however, they do not play that night.

But now "Second Hand News" with the rather negative inked text of abandonment and Ersetztwerdens. The singer and guitarist Lindsay Buckingham with Stevie Nicks sings the chorus as a proper Lotter melody. You're then become a suitable stadium pop band and the months-long recording sessions for "Rumours" had evolved to a single drug orgy. Moreover, Buckingham and Nicks and John McVie and Christine, the couple had separated. After learning of the infidelity of his wife at the time, Fleetwood even began an affair with Nick's, which in turn now started to sleep with everyone. Drama, excitement, ecstasy myth.

Everything was good. To some extent, anyway. And then this chorus of the opening track, which like so many others on this album is completely meaningless as a song. Empty. Hollow. Today a karaoke song. Stevie Nicks' in show business as unique nasal voice knarrzige comes later in the evening much better advantage. For example in the ballad "Dreams", in which it again comes to abandonment. Or even in the song "Gold Dust Woman", a highlight for the Mittsechzigerin. You'll become a mini-drama that brings every emotion of this piece drogenumwölkten desperation, she turns to her as a witch stole equal to angels themselves, knarrzt these impressive lines to himself and out: Great. A highlight.

But there is also this completely shattering pieces such as "Sad Angel". There is nothing, absolutely nothing. Only artificial excitement i8m medium tempo. As guitarist and frontman singing Buckingham can still babbling as the usual stage of phrases "wonderful audience" and "exciting atmosphere": it is not them better.

The rackernde viscount and his squire had indeed initially provided for this time rather typical rhythm background that one can go again and again strong in the leg and particularly the strong inflated by the accompanying musicians' Go your own way "and" Do not stop "good for comes into play. Also in "stand back" does this sound rocking. But it is the voice of Stevie Nicks, the increasingly characterizes this evening, it's not just her this beautiful, but impressive brokenness that likes to combine angel and devil in it. It gives the whole its abysmal peculiarity occasionally.

Finally, a thank you speech

And at the very end, after the very last encore was also holding a thank you speech in which she describes her job as a dream job, which she owes to the public. Does not sound at times of hypocrisy. Is that possible? Buckingham usually makes a very serious face and guitarist faxing. He lets the strings in "Big Love" solo acoustic rattle and strives honestly to virtuosity. Really emotionally upset he is then followed. The guitar stretched in the air. Given all things. Well goes like this.

Burgraf Fleetwood, however, beats the drum solo sometimes wild and yells to "Are you with me?". Well then, well then, my friend. Funny because he acts when he gets up, as Hampel lanky man with the red shoes. The gnarled McVie does nothing special, except play bass. If this time called fresh from the stage as the "backbone of Fleetwood Mac." Not bad.

But as a nostalgia combo or a Fleetwood Mac cover band they do not sound. Not at all. Casual, mostly in the rhythm a little hanging, they pump through this evening, have been found in which all their seats. They say that they are now working on new material for more than ten years in the studio. It is probably just as unspectacular leaning back like most of the events offered this evening be.

Sun-Tees in Mists of California, they could moderate atmospheric dining, a wheel rotating around itself and too close to the sea standing dream villa: the design of the last century, occasionally with attitude and then completely stupid pandering.

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