Thursday, October 03, 2013

Photos: Fleetwood Mac Live in Manchester... These are a MUST to check out! 138 Beautiful front row shots

The Lee Family Photo Album
Fleetwood Mac Live in Manchester at Phones 4U Arena
(138 Photos)

Really great shots from the show... Check out Stevie during Gold Dust Woman.  Some really cool images. Also, there's one shot of the group during the Meet and Greet with Mick up on stage... Unless you were there or at any of the other Meet and Greets, you likely haven't seen any photos as they didn't allow those attending to take pics.  This is a rare glimpse of what the experience was like with Mick up on the Fleetwood Mac stage...


greg said...

Loving the Gold Dust Woman shots...nice to see the original Stand Back shawl back too! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The guy must be very tall since he doesn't seem much shorter than Mick!

Anonymous said...

Stevie is just lovely - yes, she is looking older but she is a lovely looking woman

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