Monday, October 14, 2013

Video: @StevieNicks Passes on Wisdom to @KatyPerry Over Tea in London

Katy Perry talking with SiriusXM about inspirations for her new album was asked "who's the most bizarre friend you've made friends with along the way that we wouldn't expect". And Katy speaks about having just become friends with Stevie and just had tea with her in London and tells how Stevie's very kind and a sweet woman and that she passed on little nuggets of wisdom and Katy says she "sees straight right through my soul".  Katy feels honoured that Stevie would take the time for her and that she loves hearing from artists who have gone before her.

Go Stevie!

You may recall a few years ago while Stevie was doing press that she (somewhat) reached out to Katy. When asked during interviews who she would like to work with, Stevie indicated Katy.

Next thing we know... Stevie's doing the voice over for the teaser trailer for one of Katy's singles "The One That Got Away".  Stevie indicated around the time the song made her cry saying it reminded her of "my own life and losses, and of the last fight that Lindsey Buckingham and I had".

The One That Got Away (Teaser Trailer)

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Anonymous said...

That was so sweet. I am very lucky,mine never got away. I married him at 19 years old. Still going strong after 35 years. We also love Stevie and the band FM. First date 1977 saw FM. Again in 79,Now this summer 2013. Got lots of stuff,Coffee cup ,key ring t-shirt and tote bag. also started my guitar lessons in june .Doing very well. Thanks,Love to all. Barbara Meyrowitz

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