Sunday, October 06, 2013

Stevie Nicks: "We were a little sleazy" Fleetwood Mac "Without You" Intro - Glasgow

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The hidden track during the Fleetwood Mac Tour set... The great "Without You" intro... It's been fairly static in it's delivery for the most part but occasionally it's been embellished and or modified... In Glasgow, when Stevie suggests the lost song was due to "sleazy friends" stealing the song, Lindsey questions Stevie about whether their friends back in the day were really sleazy... and if so, what does that say about them at the time... Stevie: "We were a little sleazy".  Lindsey: "We'll, have to talk about that later".


Here's a few more vids from Fleetwood Mac's last UK show.



Diane Marie said...

Great pics! Looks like the Northern Lights in the background... & IF you were ever "sleazy" you're forgiven ~ Just a passing sign of the times way back in the... late 60's? Or even early 70's near Haight/Ashbury..? Time was to LIVE it UP without any regrets ! ! ! (Iwasinthe6th/7thgradeinWrangell) Far FAR A W A Y where Wyatt refused to be sheriff calling Wrangell "HellOnWheels"! Lol ~

Anonymous said...

"The hidden track during the Fleetwood Mac Tour set..." LOL. I love you Nickslive/FleetwoodMacNews

lynda1010 said...

hahaha aw that was a good one about stevie and lyndsay saying about the song with out you Lxx

Anonymous said...

I love when Lindsey said, "that's love, baby. . . !!!"
Love it!!!! Best part #2 is when they totally don't forget about our quiet bassist, John.
Love them! Wish it was April in Philadelphia so I could see this show all over again!

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