Sunday, October 27, 2013

@StevieNicks Dedicates "Landslide" to Fleetwood Mac & Lindsey Buckingham at last Euro Show - Video

On the heels of the devastating news about John McVie...and the cancellation of the Australian / New Zealand leg of the tour, it's particularly poignant to hear Stevie dedicate "Landslide" to her band Fleetwood Mac... and to Lindsey where she thanks Lindsey, in a somewhat broken voice, for all the wonderful things he has done for her and all the wonderful music he has brought into her life and to the Amsterdam fans that were so gracious to wait for them to work out their sound issues.

As the news spreads through the media world wide today about John's situation and the tour, fans have been taking to social media looking for answers, expressing their disappointment but more importantly sending good vibes, well wishes and prayers to John.  Cancer is not something to mess around with and he likely has some of the best Doctors in the world looking after him and advising him. Without John... There can be no Fleetwood Mac - so we again extend our best wishes to John and his family and to the Fleetwood Mac family to stay strong, positive and hopeful that treatment does the trick and that we can once again see John up there on stage making those rafters in the arenas vibrate from his incredible bass lines.

Still with all this news a couple of questions linger.. Will Fleetwood Mac's Las Vegas date and the private show they have booked in Las Vegas go ahead as planned?  It appears that ticket sales on Ticketmaster for the December 30th public show haven't been cancelled yet, but they do appear to have been suspended for the time being. Also, with Stevie's film "In Your Dreams" on schedule to screen at the Brisbane International Film Festival on November 13th, will Stevie still attend the planned Q&A? Obviously with Fleetwood Mac's tour dates in Australia lined up it was easy for her to co-ordinate her appearance but now with the cancellation, this leaves a big question.



Diane Marie said...

Omg! I know the advances in science & medicine can handle this for you John, of that I have no doubt.., but I know how scary this must be for your family. My prayers are with YOU, each & every day until we hear you're in remission. Fight the good fight, & things will be FINE!! I promise ~

Unknown said...

OMG! How sad, I was so very privileged to have seen FM at the 02 in London, I could watch them every night for ever. Once in a life time experience. Stevie's voice is amazing and Lyndsay's Guitar playing is stunning.. the whole band truly ROCK! Best wishes to John and the family. xx

Brian said...

God bless you john,family and to the whole Fleetwood mac and friends,our prayers are with you all. Just like Boston,Stay Strong all of you. with the holidays nearing my thoughts and prayers will be for you all. from a huge fan Brian

Anonymous said...

Prayers for Mr. McVie and the Fleetwood Mac family. His bass lines are unmistakable and there is no Fleetwood Mac without McVie. Wishing you many prayers for recovery.

A true fan in VA,
Ryan Ward

Unknown said...

My goodness Stevie such a beautiful dedication. Love You sorry I wont get to see you in Australia with the Mac I pray that John has a speedy recovery. I have loved all of you for 37 years G*d Bless you all

Anonymous said...

Lots of heartfelt prayers to John, his family and friends. May you beat this, and return to your Mac family on stage to ROCK ON.

I recently saw them in Atlanta this past June with my mother and sister. Best day of our lives. To all those fans who have invested so much but cannot see them due to cancellations: keep The Chain of prayers coming from Everywhere, Don't Stop.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes, John, from across the big pond! In the words of your FM's immortal song, "DON'T STOP THINKIN' ABOUT TOMORROW...IT'LL SOON BE HERE, BETTER THAN BEFORE!" Be positive and remember, there's a lot of love and prayers coming your way from your fans worldwide! Take care! Be strong!


crystalmoonz said...

Love n light to you John McVie...I know you will have all the love and support from your families and friends and fans all around the globe. When I see your reflection in the snow covered hills..... xxxxxxxxxxxxx Have missed yet another of your concerts (this is the fourth over 30+ years) but have enjoyed and idolised FM since the early days with Peter Green, Christine McVie and the long list of members that have been a part of this tight family of iconic musicians. My heart goes out to you for every success in your're not done yet Johnny XXX :-) Strength Love Peace :-)

Anonymous said...

She's so sweet.
Goodnight Fleetwood Mac. Prayers and good thoughts for John McVie.

Anonymous said...

May God be with John and help him through this time in his life. We are all praying for you John!!
Mojo sent your way man.

Anonymous said...

So proud to have seen this tour In Kansas Sprint center, My 2nd time seen em, :'( Prayers to you John McVie, Your music saved me once when i was in dark place.. i hope my prayers can repay what you and the band has given me. All the love and prayers the world can give.

Anonymous said...

Just love the show FM gave in Amsterdam, that was the last concert for a while. And that makes it more special knowing i was there!. Stevie was beautifull and awesome!. And Lindsey's singing and guitarplaying was brilliant!.

I just the music and the band their personality's.
Mr. John mcVie, fight your battle and win!!!.. As a nurse i know, how more positive thinking you have, the better the outcome!. And you will come out of this!!!!!...

With all the respect!.


Anonymous said...

And ofcourse not about to forget The Beast Mick Fleetwood!. You're awesome and rule the drums!!..
And crazy as fun. My BF was totally impressed by you all guys, knowing he does'nt love this type of music, and ofcourse John ruling the base during The Chain!.
Fleetwood Mac you have two fans extra in line now! My youngest daughter 6 years :) And my BF

By the way i enjoyed this concert in Amsterdam with my dad =) I got my love for you through him!. And i'm way proud of it!.


Anonymous said...

John rules the bass on every song. There has never been anyone like him...he can't be replaced! John. ...God bless you now and I hope and pray you get the best care and get to rock
the place with your unique bass style again soon. all your fans have you in our thoughts prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there John and family...much love from the land down under xxxxx

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