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Love without Lying: Fleetwood Mac give an exhilarating concert at the O2 World Berlin.

Fleetwood Mac - Forever hippies
Love without lying: Fleetwood Mac give an exhilarating concert at the O2 World Berlin.
by Christian Schröder
"Stevie Nicks, a mixture of dream woman and 
Märchenelfe, still looks unbeatable"
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Photo by Thomas Burckhardt

The return of the mainstream
Ten years after their last world tour, 35 years after "Rumours" Fleetwood Mac are back on the road. 
By Michael Pilz
"At their concert in Berlin, they show that it is 
nonsense to dislike their music"

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Fleetwood Mac deliver unforgettable concert
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Stevie Nicks took off again
Early Tuesday Fleetwood Mac traveled from Stuttgart to Berlin. The band checked into the Ritz Carlton on Potsdamer Platz one. A classy home that has hosted U.S. presidents, heads and other important winning, celebrities and many widely traveled and experienced personalities. Stevie Nicks (65), the beautiful Rimes voice of the band, apparently not classy enough. The musician rushed off again and moved to Regent Hotel am Gendarmenmarkt. The relationships in the band were always difficult. Maybe did not want to sit on each other so closely with the other nicks.


Anonymous said...

the last tour before this one was in 2009 so not ten years ago

Anonymous said...

Stevie would not change hotels to get away from her band mates in Fleetwood Mac. If she did change hotels it was either because fans found out where they were staying and hanging out outside the entrance (something she does not like) or because she likes to stay in hotels with great views of the city she is in. She takes her painting supplies with her on the road and likes to paint in her hotel rooms, especially when there is a pretty view from her room.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

All the interviews of Mick Fleetwood I've read, he jokes about how Stevie's next job should be someone who evaluates hotels. He mentioned a few times that she is very picky about hotels. She mentioned in a recent interview she is always ordering new beds for her own home and sending them back, etc. I wasn't surprised at all when I read that. I think it has nothing to do with band relations.

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